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Moldova Steers A Path To Democracy And Reform

Moldovans went to the polls four months ago and elected a pro-Russia president.

Dade meets Moldavian and Transnistrian politicians

Chair of Moldova working group pushes for ownership and concrete results in Transdniestrian settlement process

Putin Verificado


O principal resultado da visita a Moscou, o líder dos socialistas da Moldávia.

Can Russia Afford Transnistria?

Now, as Russia wrestles with its own economic woes, the Russian government’s ability to underwrite Transnistria...

Doctors to leave Pridnestrovie as soon as they can

Patriotic declamation of the authorities doesn’t do any good. They can’t stop the decline of the population because of people making off.

Shevchuk names his inferior the head of Central Electoral Commission

Legal issues advisor will chair Central Electoral Commission.

Transnistrian authorities fear Transnistrian Euromaidan

Emergency military exercises were held in Transnistria.

Web of Mystery


Officialdom and opposition groups in Transdniester disagree over who ordered the blocking of independent Internet sites, and why.

In Transnistria kidnappers free the man who “offended Shevchuk”


The citizen of the Republic of Moldova, Alexander Koliban, free from imprisonment in Transnistria.

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