Doctors to leave Pridnestrovie as soon as they can

Patriotic declamation of the authorities doesn’t do any good. They can’t stop the decline of the population because of people making off.

The official Media raise alarm: Pridnestrovie lacks medical staff. Medical personnel leave the country because of small salaries, and doctors use any opportunity, including all sorts of “work experience jobs”. When going to Russia, Transnistrian doctors do their best not to come back home.

According to official data, Pridnestrovie lacks 600 specialists. As for those who leave, they are doctors of all specialties, including those critically short, like oncologists.

Officials try to find excuses and declare that they gave medical staff a raise of 105 rubles, and then even five times more, but the officials forget to add, that 550 Transnistrian rubles are equal to 40 US dollars.

The local officials, who get envelope wages of 5000 dollars each month, must be thinking that a hike of 40 dollars would be a good reason for doctors not to leave the region.

It should be noted that Pridnestrovie’s Administration always remembers how to modernize their car fleet with expensive limousines valued at about one hundred thousand euro.

Дата публикации: Сб 1 Мар 2014

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