Shevchuk names his inferior the head of Central Electoral Commission

Legal issues advisor will chair Central Electoral Commission.

Hereafter, the elections in Transnistria will be conducted under the full control of the head of the region. Experts arrive at such a conclusion when commenting on Nadezhda Zabolotskaya’s appointment to the post of the head of Central Electoral Commission of PMR (Pridnestrovie). Before, Zabolotskaya was the legal issues advisor of the head of the region.

Eugene Shevchuk’s opponents decline to comment publicly on the appointment. Zabolotskaya replaced Petr Denisenko who had been dismissed.

“Shevchuk ensured a rubber-stamping parliament, local councils and even secured his second term”, - this is how they comment on the appointment in Transnistria.

Дата публикации: Сб 18 Янв 2014

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