Transnistrian authorities fear Transnistrian Euromaidan


Emergency military exercises were held in Transnistria (Pridnestrovie). Police special forces, KGB, Customs, Transnistrian army, Justice Ministry forces and Presidential Security Service took part in the exercises.

The official governmental Media inform that the exercises were organized to practice “counterterrorist operation”. However, it is not clear why they needed metal riot police shields that are “successfully” being used to repress opposition in the Ukraine.

Shevchuk’s press-service informs that the head of the region could “size up the munition and equipment and readiness of the military personnel, the task performance, the concurrence of the small units of different power structures.”


It is symbolic that the OMON’s and other military exercises were held under the shelter of night, acting just like the “Berkut” special forces in Kyiv, so to say.

It bears reminding that earlier Eugene Shevchuk’s main political partner, the leader of the local communists Oleg Khorzhan issued a thundering statement and condemned the Ukrainian opposition.


Дата публикации: Ср 11 Дек 2013

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