European Court of Human Rights to examine the murder in Transnistrian army


Russia and Moldova will defend a suit in ECHR.

The mother of a young man, who had served in Transnistrian army, had to turn to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) with the help of Moldovan human rights advocates.

Her son, Alexander Stomaty was forced to serve in Transnistrian army in the June of 2009. At first, he found himself in Bendery, after that they sent him to Rybnitsa. He had problems with the commanders and old-timers. They threatened him death, and Alexander told his mother about it. After that, they sent him to another subunit in Kamenka after his mother’s request. One year later they told his mother that her son had been found dead. Representatives of Transnistria reported that the incident was connected with suicide. However, it was discovered that Alexander had died from two wounds – in his neck and right forearm.

Alexander Stomaty’s relatives sent several petitions to the president of Moldova, to Prosecutor-General, Moldova’s Government and to Parliamentary Lawyer and diplomatic missions, including Russian Embassy, against Igor Smirnov, ex-president of Transnistria. Having received neither reply nor any reaction, bereaved mother sent an application to European Court of Human Rights.

It should be recalled that on the basis of several decisions of ECHR, Russia had to pay over great sums of money to those, who suffered at the hand of Transnistrian authorities. The most high-profile court case is the case of so-called “Bujor” group, that took part in the war on the Dniester river in 1991-92 on Moldova’s side.

Дата публикации: Втр 19 Фев 2013

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