Transnistrian prisoner’s mother: “His face is bugs-bitten”


Alexander Koliban’s mother asks the OSCE Mission to Moldova to help set her son free.

Koliban’s parents ask Leonid Kozharu, the new OSCE chairman, the head of the Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, to pay serious attention at the situation. Alexander Koliban’s mother told journalists that her 22-year old son is staying in prison in Transnitria and the conditions are terrible – the young man’s face is bugs-bitten and he lost much weight.

One should recall that Alexander Koliban got 2.5 year term in Transnistria for distribution of leaflets against Eugene Shevchuk during the election campaign in December 2011. Shevchuk turned to militia with a complaint that his opponents “slander” his name. Transnistrian militia and security services arrested the group of political consultants and young people who distributed leaflets.

As previously reported, Alexander Koliban’s case was brought to the notice of UN expert on human rights in Transnistria. All the necessary documents will also be sent to European Court of Human Rights.

Дата публикации: Втр 22 Янв 2013

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