Dictatorship in Transnistria. The East is a delicate matter


Roman Konoplev, editor-in-chief of RIA “Dniester”.

Several years ago, when president Shevchuk was the chairman of Transnistria’s Supreme Council and the leader of the party “Renewal”, I was the chief of the information agency “Lenta PMR”. From time to time I used to make comments on different problems and published everything in “Lenta PMR”. One day I wrote some critical materials about Shevchuk’s legislative initiatives.

The reaction came immediately.

Since then, nobody in the building of the Parliament could see the web-site of “Lenta PMR”. The system administrators of the Supreme Council just blocked this web-site for the people working there. You could use any social networks but it was prohibited to read “Lenta PMR”.

This situation didn't change until the future dictator left the post of the chairman of the Supreme Council.

Years went by.

Shevchuk has become the president of Transnistria. Our portal Dniester.ru has been under DDOS-attacks for numerous times. We even had to move our web-site to another server because of the great harm brought by the attacks. The site was unavailable for weeks. People couldn’t read it. Later we found a decision against these criminal activities.

But our old friend didn’t calm down.

Eventually, the chief of KGB of Transnistria mad a phone call to the office of the local provider-monopolist and demanded that the provider must block the access to Dniester.ru for Transnistrian people – and the access was blocked.

Don’t you think that the situation is all the same like in the Supreme Council?

The dictator is protecting his small cosy world – the world of his state-controlled Media, humble journalists who live in poverty and fear, politologists who praise His Highness in a trembling voice, the world of sociologists who discuss the advantages of state propaganda in public, the world of girls and boys who praise His Highness on the local forums and get ten dollars a month for this kind of job.

Someone once told me a story that Turkmens were so fed up with Turkmenbashi, that one day when he gave the order to make a golden monument to himself, at night people smeared it with crap.

A little bit more and the leader of Tiraspol will write his own “Ruhnama” or “Green Book”.

Tiraspol dictator doesn’t like the political and economic life of Moldova. He doesn’t like the fact that Moldova is effectively struggling corruption and is striving to the world where pensioners are happy and medicine is on the high level, the world where there are jobs and business is not suppressed.

Tiraspol dictator doesn’t like such countries. He wants to be closer to places where they create “Ruhnamas”, where everybody licks the dictator’s boots, where journalists are killed and where television is praising the authorities from morning till night. The dictator is not looking up to those who are fighting corruption and developing economy.

That’s why the prisoners are tortured to death in Tiraspol and today people go to the shops to ask for a handout. They just walk in the shop and ask alms.

Before the last presidential elections the customs officers of Transnistria didn’t rob all the businessmen. Today every small businessman has to pay them bribes. Cash. To the customs officers’ pockets. This is what the customs of Transnistria exists for. They need the customs just to get money out of poor businessmen who buy underwear in Odessa and bring it to Transnistria.

The Tiraspol dictator is matching those places in the world where people in prisons either have no problems or hang themselves depending on the paying capacity.

All this takes place in Transnistria. It happens to citizens of Russia living in Transnistria as well.

And I don’t understand what Russian peacekeepers are doing there now. What is their role? Are they protecting the dictator when Russian citizens are being tortured, humiliated and expelled from the country? It is not Mihai Ghimpu doing it. It is not Dorin Chirtoaca. Neither NATO nor Romanian nationalists from “Noua Dreapta”. Neither Plahotniuk nor Lupu are doing that. These are local monsters and little monsters, who are at the dictator’s service.

Today, all the existing Conventions and International Laws are being violated in Transnistria. It is the place where citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova – pensioners and workers are afraid of everything and are in a state of cattle. Many of them earn 80 dollars a month and have to pay 120 dollars for utilities and lick the authorities’ boots or give bribes at the customs if you are a businessman. This is what the dictator proposes.

In fact, anyone who will free Transnistrians from this evil will be the liberator, the savior and the peacekeeper. Transnistria today is like a plane with hostages – people who were intimidated and spifflicated. People are ready to pay any money to get some documents to leave this place.

Moldova is also very poor. But after Vladimir Voronin left his post, there are no news about political prisoners there, about situations when journalists and rights advocates are knocked on their heads, like it used to be.

Today, bad news comes from Tiraspol.

And dictator with his girls is grinning and writing nonsense about what countries he likes and what countries he doesn’t like in his Facebook.

And “the girls” must be happy to become concubines of their sunny-head master…

The East is a delicate matter. Aha.

Roman Konoplev is a Transnistrian and Russian publicist and political analyst. He lived in Transnistria from 1978 to 11 April 2012. Graduated from International Institute of Economics and Law (Moscow) and Bryansk State Technical University. Konoplev took part in the activities of opposition movements in Russian Federation.

Дата публикации: Ср 12 Дек 2012

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