Changing the rules of the game in Moldova

Mihai Popșoi is a Moldovan political analyst who runs Moldovan Politics. He researches the Europeanisation of political parties in Moldova.

In Moldova, changes to the electoral system are afoot – but the motivations seem far from democratic.

It’s favourite move of dictators and autocrats everywhere: change the rules of the game once you start losing support or approach the legally mandated finish line. The post-Soviet space abounds in cases where heads of state overstay their terms in office. Until recently, Moldova stood out as a model of democratic transformation among the Commonwealth of Independent States. However, my country’s glory was short-lived.

Despite high expectations about Moldova’s initial successes on its path towards European integration, embodied by the signing of the association agreements and a visa-free regime with the European Union, powerful actors have begun to hollow out the country’s democracy. Media freedom is being curtailed through a concentration of ownership and, as a result, political pluralism is withering away. The most recent innovation, a dubious call for electoral reform, is just latest sign of a democracy in deep decline. All text>>>>>>>>

Дата публикации: Ср 17 Май 2017

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