Referendum in the public limelight


Pridnestrovie Minister of Justice Sergey Stepanov supported the project of Constitution worked out by the president’s team.

Stepanov reminded that accepting new Constitution is a logical process. “Our society stands at the watershed. As the result, it is necessary to correct Pridnestrovie’s development process”, - Sergey Stepanov thinks.

Stepanov also noted that some MPs of PMR Supreme Council had their variant of new Constitution in March 2009. New project represented by the MPs was to limit the powers of the executive branch of the republic and President, the head of this executive branch. Then, political tension appeared inside Pridnestrovie, but it was removed after a new Constitution project appeared.

Constitution commission was working under the new projec of the Basic Law for four months. Sergey Stepanov noted that Supreme Council MPs were not present at the first sessions of the Commission, but later they took active part in the work of the Commission.

“Despite some tension between the executive and legislative branches, compromise solutions were found”, - said Sergey Stepanov. First of all, President agreed to eliminate the vice-president post. Besides, according to the new project of Constitution, it is planned to create the Government headed by the Chairman of the Government (Prime-Minister). PMR President will carry on functions of the head of the country, thus, separation of powers principle will be adhered clearly.

If Parliamentarians refuse to confirm the date of the referendum, President’s team will have to get 15 000 signatures needed to conduct the voting.

Pridnestrovie’s parliamentarians in turn enlisted some organizations’ support – “War, labour and military forces veterans’ Council” is among them. At the meeting organized by representative of the Party “Renewal” (majority in the Parliament) veterans emphasized some of the obvious disadvantages of the new project of the Constitution, which is the absence of limit for the election periods for the head of the republic.

It cannot be ruled out that some of Pridnestrovie’s public organizations will take part in the campaign to boycott the referendum if it will be conducted in January 2010 under Parliament’s decision.

Дата публикации: Пт 6 Ноя 2009

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