Pridnestrovie is concerned about A/H1N1 epidemic in the Ukraine


A/H1N1 epidemic has begun in the Ukraine. One person died, 11 new cases have been confirmed, Vasily Knyazevich, Ukrainian Health Minister, said on Friday.

“According to preliminary results, we can state that the Ukraine entered global pandemic zone. Influenza A/H1N1 epidemic begins in the country”, - the Head of the Ministry noted.

Besides, according to the Ukrainian TV channel “Inter”, 35 people has already died of unknown virus which causes pneumonia in the Western part of the Ukraine. However, this number changes from time to time and, according to some information, it is already 50. The panic led to a shortage of necessary medicines, including gauze bandages. It is prohibited in some cities of the Ukraine to sell non-prescription antipyretic drugs.

Meanwhile, the President of the Ukraine Victor Yushchenko demanded that prime-minister Yulia Tymoshenko should take urgent measures to prevent “the epidemic of influenza and U.R.I.”. Yushchenko thinks it’s necessary to ensure coordination between central and local authorities, to allocate state funds for “good work of virological laboratories throughout the country’s health system”.

The President of the Ukraine noted that in the april of 2009 he asked the Government to allocate 50 million grivnia (more that 6 million dollars) for the “proper fuctioning of the Ukrainian Center of influenza and U.R.I.”, but they allocated only 2.2 million grivnia in August to repair the building of the Center. The president described the situation as “unaaceptable”.

The Ukrainian Gvernment will hold an extraordinary meeting on Friday on the epidemiological situation that prevailed in the Western regions of the Ukraine. There will also be a meeting held by the State Emergency anti-epidemic Commission. The Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko intends to visit the city of Ternopil and the areas of the epidemic.

Anatoly Gricenko, the head of the Parliament Committee for the question of national security and defence spoke on Friday with a call to “stop the panic among the population” because of the Flu epidemic. “The situation in the Western regions of the country is epidemiological. Panic is spreading among the population. People try to buy all the medicines in the pharmacies. Doctors work on the brink of physical capacity”, - Gricenko declared.

Pridnestrovie is really concerned about the situation with influenza in the Ukraine. There are no medicines to cure A/H1N1 influenza at the territory of Pridnestrovie. According to the information got from the Republic’s Health Ministry, they plan to buy about three thousand flu shots and they wait for some vaccina which is going to be brought in November from the World Health Organization.

Today, the situation in the Republic is the following: citizens of Pridnestrovie with A/H1N1 symptoms are redirected to Moldovan medical institutions, but a great number of people who live in Pridnestrovie are citizens of Russia, who are registered in Russia as they need to get Russian pension. These people, most of them retired, are also citizens of Pridnestrovie. They do not have Moldavian documents and it is not yet clear whether they will get medical help from Moldovan medical institutions which have necessary vaccine. These people will be most helpless if the epidemic spreads.

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