Pridnestrovian society not interested in communist ideas


November 7 is day-off in Pridnestrovie in honour of October 1917 anniversary. The political events both today and before the holiday were engineered around Pridnestrovie Communist Party’s initiative to hold a mass meeting in Dubossary in honour of the October Revolution.

Communist Party activists made some important agitation before the holiday and they hoped that ‘several’ thousand people will come to the square to support communist ideas. There was no permission for this meeting because of swine flu epidemic. Mr. Khorzhan, leader of the Pridnestrovian Communist Party insisted on holding the mass meeting anyway. He spoke severely addressing Pridnestrovian authorities saying that “communists will never stop”. Still, the number of those who decided to come to the mass meeting was next to none.

A few score of the retired came to the square in Dubossary. Leader of the Communist Party put flowers to the tombs of the dead and after that Oleg Khorzhan addressed people saying that there would be no meeting because it was not permitted by the authorities.

People of Pridnestrovie year after year consider November 7 to be the day-off to make the house, to go fishing, etc. The “Left ideas” are not popular in Pridnestrovie’s society, and political communist groups are consumed by young and middle-age people as those gambling on people’s problems and as disconnected from the reality.

Дата публикации: Сб 7 Ноя 2009

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