New housing development instead of former barracks of Russian army


On November 2 the President of Pridnestrovie together with the heads of force ministries and the heads of Tiraspol examined the territories near to the cityl, which are planned to be allocated for the residential construction. These are the areas where equipment and armament depot of Russian army was placed. Most of that is not used anymore. That’s why new houses with all the social infrastructure facilities can be built there.

Igor Smirnov

General plan of Pridnestrovie capital development was worked out in 1990, the head of Tiraspol public administration noted. According to the document, the population of Tiraspol must have been reached 215 thousand people by 2010. “The city will gradually go out of its borders. So now we’ve seen the territories, which can be used for construction in the future”, - Victor Kostyrko emphasized.

Russian Army signed part of their territories over to Tiraspol. The old buildings were unsafe, so the decision to unbrick them and begin a new construction was made.

“The project of new residential construction has already been signed, so new houses of 70 000 square meters of floor space will be built. It is also planned to open shops, hairdressing saloons, banks etc. on the first floors”, Victor Kostyrko told.

This new residential construction is planned to begin in 2011 and to last for 3 years.


Дата публикации: Втр 3 Ноя 2009

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