Military and Historical Memorial in Bendery, Pridnestrovie. VIDEO

RIA “Dniester” offers a review about Military and Historical Memorial located in Bendery, Pridnestrovie.

The Memorial is the place where 5127 soldiers are buried.

The soldiers of 115 regiments of the Russian army are buried there. 249 granite slabs with the names of 4740 Russian soldiers and officers are standing at the memorial. One can also find 10 monuments to Generals there.

The monument to the soldiers of 55 Podolski line regiment of the Russian Army is mounted at the memorial. There is also a memorial stone in honor of the Russian soldiers who died when Bendery fortress was assaulted in 1770.

One half of the mass grave of Bendery military cemetery fell on the period of military defence of Sevastopol in 1854-1856, the Balkan campaign and the assault of Shipkinskii pass in 1877-1878. The town of Bendery was the place where rear medical facilities were located at that time.

The obelisk to soviet military men, who were killed, who died because of diseases and hunger in Bendery during the occupation of 1941-1944, is mounted at the Memorial.

The tombs of the Romanian soldiers who were buried there are located at the territory of the Memorial. One can also find a stone in memory of Hungarian prisoners and civilian victims who died during World War II.

The monuments to Hetman Mazepa’s and Orlic’s Cossacks, to the soldiers and the officers of the Swedish King Karl XII, who died and who were killed in Bendery in 1709-1711, are mounted at the Memorial.

The stone in memory of the soldiers of the French army who defended the locals from the Romanian army during the Bendery rebellion in 1919 is mounted at the Bendery Military and Historical Memorial.

The Chapel was raised up at the Memorial. At the entrance to the territory of the Memorial a stone is established which is going to become a monument to Knyazh Grigory Potemkin Tavricheskii.

The Memorial in Bendery (Pridnestrovie) was founded on 24 April 2007.

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