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"RT": Russia slams Transdniester president’s grip on power


“Smirnov has created an atmosphere of personal power that has put the republic into a state of deep social and economic crisis,” said the head of presidential administration, Sergey Naryshkin.

Konoplev: "the report expresses personal civil position"


The report “Pridnestrovie’s future: Liberal economy, Freedom and security” is open for free download.

Military and Historical Memorial in Bendery, Pridnestrovie. VIDEO

RIA “Dniester” offers a review about Military and Historical Memorial located in Bendery, Pridnestrovie.

Ernest Vardanian: I understand now that I made a horrible mistake


Ernest Vardanian, citizen of Pridnestrovie, arrested by security service of Pridnestrovie on suspicion of treason against the State, spoke on TV PMR (First Pridnestrovian television channel).

Local elections in Pridnestrovie: The last week


Some of the candidates plan to put video cameras at the districts to avoid violations.

Pridnestrovian Mindset


By: Roman Konoplev, chief editor of “Dniester.Ru”.

Gipsy Bessarabia as an alternative


If Bessarabia is not coming to Moscow, then why in the world this disputable and circulating territory should come into Romania’s hands?

Despite change of power Moldavian Secret Services hold true to Voronin's principles


Dina Konopleva, consultant editor of the foreign Department of Regional Information Agency “Dniester”, comments on the situation when she was kept by Moldavian secret services officers at the border between Moldova and Pridnestrovie.

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