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Deserters to be imprisoned in Transnistria


Transnistrian MPs rejected an amendment that calls off criminal liability for desertion from the army.

Personality cult in Transnistria to blossom again


Judoists of Tiraspol competed for the President’s Cup.

Dmitry Rogozin gave strong support to Eugene Shevchuk


Vice-Chairman of the Russian Government, Special Representative of the President of Russian Federation in Transnistria, Dmitry Rogozin did his best to help Eugene Shevchuk.

Extract from the Report on the situation in Moldavian Media dedicated to Transnistria


The Center of Independent Press of the Republic of Moldova (Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent) presented the Report, dedicated to the situation in Moldavian Media in 2012.

Transnistrian authorities vs “Sheriff”


Eugene Shevchuk uses Kremlin’s technologies. “Sheriff” to suffer Khodorkovsky’s fate?

Transnistrian prisoner’s mother: “His face is bugs-bitten”


Alexander Koliban’s mother asks the OSCE Mission to Moldova to help set her son free.

Moldavian sportsman made to serve in Transnistrian army


Official Transnistrian sources reported about Pavel Chmil, the citizen of Moldova, who was sent to serve in the Honour Guard of Transnsistrian army.

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